Dinner selection

A selection of three stone-baked artisan style rolls including a Petite Baguette, Malted Grain Navette and Parmesan Pave. Petite Baguette: stone-baked with a crisp crust and light open texture. Made with extra virgin olive oil and semolina flour. Malted Grain Navette: dark golden, stone-baked roll with malted grains for a subtle malt flavour. Parmesan Pave: stone-baked with a light, crisp golden crust, flavoured with a generous amount of real Parmesan cheese.

  •   Mini Mix Selection
    90 x 45g
  •   Mini Mix Selection
    95 x 45g
  • Mini Mix Selection
    95x 45g 

Part-baked Frozen Bread

  • Small Baguettes 27cm

    A large half-baguette made from only natural ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast and salt.
    60 X 115g box

  • Ciabatta Bread

    Tasty, long ciabatta with an open crumb made from wheat flour and liquid wheat sourdough.
    24 x 250g box

Pre-proved Bread

  • Panini pre-grilled sliced – 27cm

    Pre-grilled and pre-sliced panini, ready to fill.
    40 x 125g box

  • Brioche Bun, Glazed, Seeded & sliced

    Soft round bun from brioche dough, pre-sliced.
    50 x 85g

  • Crystal Bun 5″ – Sliced

    Soft round bun from brioche dough, pre-sliced.
    30 x 75g


  • Pure Butter Croissant 
    70 x 60g box
  • Pure Butter Croissant 
    2 x 40 x 67g box

Speciality Breads

  • Rosemary Focaccia rolls

    48x55g box

  • Mini Rolls Choice (5 types)